International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 37A

Low-voltage surge protective devices

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ahG 10 Convenor & Members


Mr Ralph Brocke
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Mr Michael AltenhuberAT
Mr Hubert Bachl-HesseAT
Mr Wagner BarbosaBR
Mr Vincent CrevenatFR
Mrs Fernanda Sousa CruzPT
Mr Gianfranco D'IppolitoIT
Mr Eric DomejeanFR
Mr Joaquín García HernándezES
Mr Ronald Wayne HotchkissUS
Mr Philip JonesAU
Mr Igor JuricevSI
Mr Joseph L. KoepfingerUS
Mr BoChen LiCN
Mr James MoellmannUS
Mr Yasuo ODAJP
Mr Markus PhilippDE
Mr Zafiris PolitisGR
Mr Alain RousseauFR
Mr Gilles Christian Jean-Marie SIRMAINFR
Mr Antony SurteesUS
Mr qibin ZhouCN
Mr Aleksei ZorichevRU

Title & Task

ahG 10

SPD Specific Disconnector


To address SPD Specific Disconnection (this function may include internal or external disconnection methods) which serves to protect an SPD in case of low, medium and high AC or DC currents due to degradation or abnormal conditions on the systems and have the required surge withstand.

To coordinate with other relevant committees such as IEC SC 23E, IEC SC 32B, and IEC SC 121A and propose a new work item proposal at the next plenary in 2020.