International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 37A

Low-voltage surge protective devices

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ahG 9 Convenor & Members


Mr qibin Zhou
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Mr Michael AltenhuberAT
Mr Hubert Bachl-HesseAT
Mr Wagner BarbosaBR
Mr Ralph BrockeDE
Mr Vincent CrevenatFR
Mrs Fernanda Sousa CruzPT
Mr Gianfranco D'IppolitoIT
Mr Eric DomejeanFR
Mr Gernot FinisDE
Mr Joaquín García HernándezES
Mr Ronald Wayne HotchkissUS
Mr Philip JonesAU
Mr Kensuke KaitoJP
Mr David KomrskaCZ
Mr Zafiris PolitisGR
Mr Jean-François ReyFR
Mr Gilles Christian Jean-Marie SIRMAINFR
Mr Aleksei ZorichevRU

Title & Task

ahG 9

“SPD+AF” (SPD with additional functions)


SPD + AF is an SPD that meets all requirements of IEC 61643-01-11/-21/-31/-41 and which is equipped with some additional functionality.
SPD + AF may include following functions:
• Fault monitoring and alarming
• SPD disconnector status
• SPD working status monitoring (triggering number, disconnector status, working leakage current, SPD temperature and system voltage, etc.)
• Surge monitoring (surge number, peak value, waveform, energy, etc.)
• Other information monitoring (surrounding temperature and humidity, power quality, etc.)

SPD + AF does not include safety related functions and functions related to predicted life time, but can provide information for maintenance purpose.

To provide detailed information and propose a new work item proposal at the next plenary in 2020 at the next plenary in 2020