SC 121A

Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear

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AG 4 Convenor & Members


Mr Andreas Baeumler
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Mr Ruslan AkhmedshinRU
Mr Antonello AntoniazziIT
Mr Axel BauerDE
Mr Jan BednarikIE
Mr Neil A CzarneckiUS
Mr Elik FooksUS
Mr Klaus HeidelbergerDE
Mr Karl HierethDE
Mr Philippe JUHELFR
Mr Reynald KaltenriederCH
Mr Sergey KolobkovRU
Mr John R. KovacikUS
Mr Thomas W. MennellGB
Mr Kamil MikyskaCZ
Mr Douglas StephensUS

Title & Task

AG 4

Advisory Group of SC 121A


The Advisory Group (AG) of IEC SC121A was established to assist the chairman and the secretary in tasks concerning the steering, the coordination and the planning of the work of the subcommittee and other specific tasks of an advisory nature. The purpose of the AG is not to prepare standards.

The AG examines and anticipates the new market trends, the new technologies and the expanding areas of interest. Relying on this analysis, the AG gives general guidance and recommendations relating to the preparation of new publications. The AG prepares the Strategic Business Plan of the subcommittee.

Scope for the AG:
- Determines the optimum way forward for dealing with new projects of standards within IEC SC121A.
- Determines the optimum structure of IEC SC121A in terms of working groups, maintenance teams and project teams.
- Monitors the activities of the working groups, the maintenance teams and the project teams.
- Monitors the progress of the projects of standards within IEC SC121A.
- Monitors the stability period of the publications.
- Resolves possible conflicts with other committees.
- Proposes or agrees on liaisons with other IEC committees and subcommittees.
- Proposes or agrees on liaisons with other bodies external to the IEC (consortia ...).
- Monitors the existing liaisons.

The Advisory Group consists of the following de-facto members:
- Chairman and Secretary;
- Convenors of MTs and WGs;
- Project Leaders of the PTs reporting directly to the subcommittee.

Other co-opted members may be nominated by the chairman of IEC SC121A.
The project leaders of the project teams of IEC SC121A reporting to a working group or a maintenance team are not de-facto members.

The internal documents of the AG are distributed to its members and to the IEC Central Office. The main matters, proposals and decisions discussed during the meetings of the AG will be reported to the IEC SC121A plenary meeting.
The AG determines its own meeting schedule.