International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 62

Electrical equipment in medical practice

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AG SNAG Convenor & Members


Mr Sherman Eagles
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Mr Norbert BischofDE
Mr Oliver P. ChristDE
Mr Marcelo De Moraes AntunesISO
Mr Peter W.J. LindersNL
Mr Toshiaki NakazatoJP
Mr Hans SethiGB

Title & Task


Software and Networks Advisory Group


National Committees of IEC TC 62 had been invited to comment on 62/237/DC: Establishing a Software and IT Network Advisory Group to address safety issues arising from interconnecting medical electrical equipment/systems and ICT systems.

The comments provided from the National Committees have been discussed at
the meetings of the TC 62 Chairman Advisory Group and consecutively of the Technical Committee 62 September 2011 in Nuremberg.

Finally the Technical Committee resolved the following:
“In dealing with software and the integration of ME EQUIPMENT and ME SYSTEMS with IT-networks, it is expected that work will increasingly be identified by stakeholders not represented within the National Committee
members of TC 62 (e.g., by stakeholders working outside the National Committee structure) or they might require establishing strategic partnerships with other committees and organizations. To deal with these
proposals, TC 62 will establish
the Software and Network Advisory Group (SNAG), a subgroup of the TC 62 Chairman Advisory Group (TC 62 CAG). This new group will be responsible for reviewing the scope and justification of proposals for new or maintenance work within this domain that originates from sources, other than a National Committee or formal liaison organization. The Group will make work recommendations to the TC/SC Officers on whether and how to allocate the work within TC 62 and about cooperation to be established with other committees or organisations.
Following the decision of the Chairman in consultation with the secretariat, the proposals for such new work items will then be allocated to the respective subcommittee of TC 62, which will initiate voting on the proposed
new or maintenance work.
The members of the SNAG will be appointed by the Chairman of TC 62 in consultation with the secretariat
and the P-Members of TC 62.”

The SNAG internally will communicate via correspondence, IEC collaboration tools and web conference calls. The results of the process according to the resolution above will regularly be circulated to the National