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TC 38

Instrument transformers

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WG 54 Convenor & Members


Mr Flavio Mario Mauri
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Mr Giovanni DominiciIT
Mr Venanzio FerraroIT
Mr Lorenzo PerettoIT
Mr Angelo SardiIT

Title & Task

WG 54

Instrument Transformers integrated with other devices


To develop additional requirements, tests and acceptance criteria for Instrument Transformers integrated with other devices (e.g.: fuses and bushings). This refers to the two main categories: Instrument Transformers (ITs) into which other devices are incorporated (for example: voltage transformers with integral fuses) and Instrument Transformers integrated into other devices (for example IT integrated into a bushing). In particular, the relevant Standards related to components assembled together in order to form one new electric device will be taken into consideration. The Instrument Transformers considered are conventional IT and Low Power Instrument Transformers (LPITs) with assigned primary voltage above 1 kV.

The device potentially concerned by integration with instrument transformer include (but are not limited to):

- Fuses

- Transformer bushings

- Cable bushings

- Cable connectors