International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 64

Electrical installations and protection against electric shock

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MT 4 Convenor & Members


Mr Klaus Haverkampf
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Mrs Maria AignerAT
Mr Chris AndrewsAU
Mr Frank BertieGB
Mr Geoffrey CronshawGB
Mr Enric FajulaES
Mr Mauro GabaglioIT
Mr Hayden GobleNZ
Mr Joakim GrafströmSE
Mr Mitchell GuthrieUS
Mr Stefan HaslingerAT
Mr Reinhard HirtlerAT
Mr Per HöjevikSE
Mr Hai JiangUS
Mr Jonathan KiddIE
Mr Hyosung KIMKR
Mr Michael KochAT
Mr Mark KrollUS
Mr Robert MüllerDE
Mr Dorin PanescuUS
Mr Marc PaupertFR
Mr Géraud Pellissier de FeligondeFR
Mr Peter PerkinsUS
Mr Juan Alberto PizarroES
Mr Hugh PrattGB
Mr Christian RückerlDE
Mr Josef SchmuckiCH
Mr Tony SungGB
Mr Robert Charles Bryan WoodheadNZ
Mr Claus-Dieter ZiebellDE
Mr Wolfgang ZschiescheDE

Title & Task

MT 4

Effects of current passing through the body


The task is to provide basic guidance on the effect of current
shocks on human beings and livestock, for use of drafting of
electrical safety requirements.

The result of this work is mainly used by TC 64 as a basis for
fixing requirements for protection against electric shock. It
may serve also as a guide to other IEC committees and countries
needing such information. In particular WG 4 is dealing with
limits of ventricular fibrilation which is the main cause of
death by electric current shocks. The results of physiological
research have to be implemented to better appreciate the
influence of the main physiological parameters on threshold of
perception, reaction, let-go and ventricular fibrilation.