International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 64

Electrical installations and protection against electric shock

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MT 3 Convenor & Members


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Mr Joseph BabloUS
Mr Hubert Bachl-HesseAT
Mr Juan Manuel BenitoES
Mr Norman Graham Frederick BirdGB
Mr Josef BirklDE
Mr Dale R BolingUS
Mr Giuseppe BosisioIT
Mr Christian BraeuerAT
Mr Fredrik Byström SjödinSE
Mr zhongli chenCN
Mr Vincent CrevenatFR
Mr Geoffrey CronshawGB
Mr Jonathan ElliottGB
Mr Enric FajulaES
Mr Stefan FassbinderDE
Mr Zdobyslaw FlisowskiPL
Mr Miguel GalbeteES
Mr Joaquín García HernándezES
Mr Patrick GehlenDE
Mr Mike GilmoreGB
Mr Joakim GrafströmSE
Mr Lars HanssonSE
Mr Per HellmanSE
Mr Reinhard HirtlerAT
Mr Bernhard HofDE
Mr Samad KhanGB
Mr David KomrskaCZ
Mr Pierre-Mary Le PersonFR
Mr Marek LobodaPL
Mr Georg LuberDE
Mr Darren Mark MargerisonAU
Mr Leon MarkwellGB
Mr Wolfgang NiedenzuDE
Mr Thomas NiemandDE
Mr Tapani NurmiFI
Mr Michael PeaceGB
Mr Christophe PfeifferFR
Mr Juan Alberto PizarroES
Mr Alain RousseauFR
Ms Sofia RutströmSE
Mr Josef SchmuckiCH
Mr Burkhard SchulzeDE
Mr Eirik SelvikNO
Mr Gilles Christian Jean-Marie SIRMAINFR
Ms ying tangCN
Mr Dieter UmlauftAT
Mr Pierre WarsmannFR
Mr Bernhard WilkeAT
Mr Jens WillmannDE
Mr Graeme WoolGB
Mr Guoqing ZhangCN

Title & Task

MT 3

External influences


WG 3 is dealing in the frame of TC 64 with protection against
external influences as far as they may impair the electrical
installations. Such influences are for example:

- ambient temperature,

- ambient climatic conditions,

- presence of water,

- electromagnetic, electrostatic of ionizing influences,

- lightning *)

- overvoltages *)

- interference between different electrical

*) An additional task is to coordinate in collaboration with
AJWG TC 64/TC 81 and other TC-WGs safety aspects and
requirements of the relevant standards related to earthing,
wiring and selection and erection of surge protective devices
where both lightning protection and other electrical
installations are in the same establishment.