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AG 7 Convenor & Members

Title & Task

AG 7



1. Assess the current state of standardization activities relevant to Trustworthiness in JTC 1 SCs, JTC 1/WGs, other ISO and IEC Committeess and other SDOs;

2. Collect information about standardization gaps relevant to Trustworthiness;

3. Develop a common JTC 1 definition of Trustworthiness;

4. Describe a superset of components or considerations of Trustworthiness;

5. Identify and propose how JTC 1 should address the standardization needs of Trustworthiness;

6. Engage with standards setting organizations that are involved in Trustworthiness standardization as approved by the AG on Trustworthiness;

7. Provide reports and recommendations to JTC 1 including whether a guidance document or a JTC 1 Standing Document on Trustworthiness should be developed.