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Active Assisted Living

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WG 2 Convenor & Members


Mr Johannes Koch
Mrs Janina Laurila-Dürsch
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Mr Manish AroraIN
Mr Muhammad AsimNL
Mrs Sihwa BaeKR
Mr Joe CafazzoCA
Mr Shota ChibaJP
Mr Hyunchul Jissi ChoiKR
Mr Naveen ChoudharyIN
Mr Anthony CiccarelloUS
Ms Laura FadriqueCA
Mr Avik GhoseIN
Mrs Catherine Rosemary GrantGB
Ms Lizhen GUOCN
Ms Pamela D GwynnUS
Ms Taehwa HANKR
Mr Marlon HarveyCA
Mr Chang Woo HongKR
Mr Mingu KangKR
Mr Puneet khuranaIN
Ms Jihye KimKR
Mr Michael KirwanXP
Mr Yoonseok KoKR
Mr Kazuhiro KojimaJP
Mr Uttam KotdiyaIN
Mr Manikandan KrishnankuttyIN
Mr Sungkee LeeKR
Mr Seongil LeeKR
Mr Christian LehnCA
Mr Dejun MaCN
Mr Koichi MatsuokaJP
Mr Anil MehtaIN
Mr Jörg-Uwe MeyerDE
Ms Yukiko MizunoJP
Mr Plinio MoritaCA
Mr Nand Kishor NarangIN
Mr Suptendra NathIN
Mr Klaus NeuderDE
Mr Sangwoo OhKR
Mr Murali Manohar PareekIN
Mr Jung Kyu ParkKR
Mr Christoph ReißDE
Mr Alexander SamarinCH
Mr Mamoru SekiyamaJP
Ms Hye-Mi SeoKR
Mr Hiroaki SugiuraJP
Mr Hirokazu TANAKAJP
Mr Mohammad-Reza (Saied) TazariDE
Mr Reiner WichertDE
Mr Meng WuCN
Mr Hajime YamadaJP
Ms ling YanCN
Ms Xiaoying ZHAOCN

Title & Task

WG 2

Architecture and Interoperability


Missing interoperability is known as one of the obstacles hindering the market entrance of AAL. But what level of interoperability is needed? The objective of this Technical Working Group is to come up with a definition for an AAL reference architecture based on the user needs, which allows interoperability at different levels by taking into account security and privacy issues.
The WG will focus on the following tasks:
- Define reference terminology and harmonization it with other IEC TCs and SDOs
- Interoperability between domains domains that impact AAL functionality: home networking systems (one domain) and systems used at nursing homes or telehealthy service providers (second domain)
- Definition of systems and their topology based on the AAL use cases and stakeholders
- Define interoperability framework for systems, services, devices and components of AAL system using existing standards.
- Study feasibility of existing AAL reference architectures
- Describe different architectural layers and how they interact with each other.
- Describe general requirements for AAL
- Describe interaction of all devices and systems with AAL services in the "cloud".
- Address security and privacy issues for AAL devices and services in the to be defined architecture
- Liaise with open platform providers and enable interoperability in the AAL environment

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Liaison Representative
Internal IEC Liaison
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 41Ms Gargi Keeni