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Information technology

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AG 9 Convenor & Members

Title & Task

AG 9

Data Usage


  1. Conduct a study of potential standards for Data Sharing Frameworks that would describe factors to consider when sharing data.

    1. Determine what is covered by data sharing frameworks.

    2. Identify the JTC 1 subgroups that are relevant to data sharing frameworks and existing work in JTC 1, and other ISO and IEC groups.

    3. Identify the concerns relating to data sharing frameworks, existing standards that address these concerns, and any gaps, such as:

      1. lack of guidance and best practices for data sharing;

      2. why many data custodians remain hesitant to share data (cultural, economic or other reasons);

      3. privacy, security and safety as concerns that are raised by advocates as the capability of data analytics increases;

  2. Cooperate with SC 27, SC 32, SC 36 SC 38 and SC 42 on definitions and relationships between Personal Information and Personally Identifiable Information.

  3. Conduct a study of potential standards for defining and determining Personal Information Factor (PIF) levels along with a levels-of-assurance framework. The study should consider ISO/IEC 29115, Entity Authentication Assurance to inform the levels-of assurance framework and consider ISO/IEC 38505-1, Governance of data

  4. Engage with standards setting organizations that are involved in data sharing framework standardization as approved by the AG on Data Usage.