TC 114

Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters

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AG 2 Convenor & Members


Mr Philip P Beauchamp
Mr Joe Fitzharris
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Mr Gabriel M. AlsenasUS
Mrs Clarissa BelloniUS
Mr Martin Giles BrownGB
Ms Caitlyn ClarkUS
Mr Ryan CoeUS
Ms Claire CohenGB
Mr Jonathan ColbyUS
Mr Winston D'SouzaGB
Mrs Joanna GoodwinIEC/CO
Mr Kevin A HaasUS
Mr Aaron MacNeillCA
Ms Sue MolloyCA
Mr Ryan S NicollCA
Mr Anton SchaapNL
Mr Johannes SpinnekenUS
Mr Emil David Tietje, III, P.E.US

Title & Task

AG 2

Publication alignment support


• Move TS 62600-1 Ed. 2 to the IEV in synchronization with an IEV Key Contact;

• Establish an online site to support the group’s scope regarding:

o Approved Non-ISO/IEC Normative References

o ahG 8 publication agreements


• Harmonizing alignment of common issues across the suite of TC 114 publications

o Facilitate discussion of emerging technology issues identified by TC 114

o Aid implementation of prior AHG 8’sTC 114 specific agreements

o Enable resolution of publication layout issues

o Maintain the list of approved TC 114 Non-ISO/IEC Normative References

o Coordinating terminology across TC 114 and with the IEV and IEC Glossary

• Support development of new publications to ensure the best possible conformity

with and ISO/IEC Directives Part 2, by providing Working Groups with:

o Assistance and checklists for application of ISO/IEC Directives Part 2

o Support in employing the IEC Document Templates/Online Authoring Tool

o Sustained open interactions with the TC 114 Editor on publication questions

o Basic pre-submission reviews of TC 114 publications, as requested by WGs

• Support implementation and application of the TC 114 Publication Strategy

o IEC 114/231/INF and IEC 114/326/INF

• Transition TS 62600-1 Ed. 2, to the IEV within 2 years of publication

o Harmonize new terminology proposed for the IEV thereafter

o Checklists of common editorial and terminology errors

• Provide ongoing support to WGs