Information technology

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AG 16 Convenor & Members

Title & Task

AG 16

Brain-computer Interface


  1. Provide a description of key concepts related to Brain-computer Interface, and describe relevant terminology;

  2. Study and document the technological, market and related societal requirements for the future ICT standardization on Brain-computer Interface;

  3. Study and document current technologies that are being deployed in Brain-computer Interface;

  4. Promote the awareness of JTC 1 activities on Brain-computer Interface outside JTC 1;

  5. Assess the current state of standardization activities relevant to Brain-computer Interface within JTC 1, in other relevant ISO and IEC Committees, in other SDOs and in consortia.

  6. Identify and propose how JTC 1 should address the ICT standardization needs of Brain-computer Interface;

  7. Engage with standards setting organizations that are involved in Brain-computer Interface standardization as approved by this Advisory Group on Brain-computer Interface.