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AG 15

Standards and Regulations


Utilizing the information gathered in JTC 1 N14534 (report from advisory group on “Standards and Regulations”) and the recommendations put forward at the JTC 1 Plenary, November 2019:

1.    Strengthen two-way communication between regulators and SDOs by:

  • JTC 1 working closely with ISO and IEC and supporting them by presenting at events with a regulatory focus, events to be identified. Meetings with regulators can include small informal meetings through to large conference events, e.g. IEC Regulator Forum on Renewable Energy

  • JTC 1 National Bodies, utilizing output from items below, may share at national/regional events held by national/regional regulators.

2.    Strengthening education and awareness of standardization to regulators, through the use of briefing documents and/or presentations at face to face meetings with regulators, to answer questions like:

  • What is a Standard? Why do you need a Standard?

3.    Review existing material and prepare new material where necessary, to support the previous actions and make them available for use by the group and other JTC 1 groups including Advisory Group 1 on Communications and Advisory Group 10 on Outreach.

4.    Participate at regulator focused events on “JTC 1 ICT Standardization”, explaining what JTC 1’s current and emerging focus areas are and explore areas or methods for further interaction.

  • Planning for such events can include and/or reach out to regulators to determine what content and presentations would be of greatest value to regulators.

  • These events should be co-located with JTC 1 meetings, which provide an opportunity for more JTC 1 National Body expert attendance, while also hitting different locations. These events would be more open than JTC 1 meetings.

  • Planning for these events will be coordinated by Advisory Group 15 on Standards and Regulations with JTC 1, JTC 1 Advisory Group 10 on Outreach and JTC 1 SCs, as applicable.

5.    Review of options and mechanisms available, to share published standards with regulators.

6.    Identify international UN treaties, conventions, etc., and UN-based organizations as an-other primary source of requirements for standards development, i.e., as a complimentary new "top-down" approach to standards development versus the existing P-member and SDO based "bottom-up" approach. This added approach will also increase recognition and visibility of JTC 1 standards at this international level and can be used as a source of input to regulator focused events on “ISO/IEC JTC 1 ICT Standardization".