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TC 88

Wind energy generation systems

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PT 61400-8 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mr Anand Natarajan
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Mrs Isabel García AlonsoES
Mr Urs GigerCH
Mr Daniel Kai JensenDK
Mr Alexander KampsDE
Mr Teemu KukkolaFI
Mr Niels LerkeDK
Mr Anders H. LiingaardDK
Mr Yong LiuCN
Mr Chaofeng LiuCN
Mr Raine LonnakkoFI
Mr Oliver Michael MaierDE
Mr René MertensDE
Mr Shuchi Prakash MishraDE
Mr Giovanni NappiDK
Mr Christian NeuhausDE
Mr Ed NortonGB
Mr Ingo PauraDE
Mrs Kaisu SoivioFI
Mr John Dalsgaard SørensenDK
Mr André TelaarDE
Mr Kristoffer Isbak ThomsenDK
Mr Anton WolfAT
Mr Huadong YingCN

Title & Task

PT 61400-8

Wind energy generation systems - Part 8: Design of wind turbine structural components


The aim is to develop a standard for the design of wind turbine structural components. It will build on and complement IEC 61400-1 to be used with and consistent with other component standards in the 61400 series such as IEC 61400-4 and IEC 61400-6, as well as other applicable IEC and ISO standards.

Focus shall be on Ferrous metal structural components in the rotor-nacelle assembly (RNA), which are typically cast, forged, bolted or welded together. Such components are typically subjected to dynamic loading and fatigue and manufactured in series.

The standard is intended to provide a complete set of technical design requirements to ensure the structural integrity. The standard will be developed as a component standard according to the principles and structure proposed in the upcoming IEC 61400-101 standard.