TC 89

Fire hazard testing

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PT 60695-2-15 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mr Mattia Ferraris
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Mr Juan Manuel BenitoES
Mr Dario BertoliIT
Mr Piergiacomo CancelliereIT
Mr Jeffrey ColyerUS
Mr Daniel De SchryverBE
Mrs Irina EkbladSE
Mr lingyun fanCN
Mrs Josephine Maria FleischeuerNL
Mr Hiroaki FujiokaJP
Mr Tsukasa FukayaJP
Mrs Daniela GrazianoIT
Mr Tetsuya HayakawaJP
Mr Shengtao HeCN
Mr Thomas Georg KapperDE
Mr Kunio KatanoJP
Ms Anna KlopocinskaUS
Mr Thomas KorssellSE
Mr Federico LupoIT
Mr Jianzhang MaiCN
Mrs Elena D. MikhaylovaRU
Mr Ivan MonticcoIT
Mr Malcolm H. MullinsGB
Mr Gregory NeumannUS
Mr Daniel W. O'SheaUS
Mr Luis PachecoPT
Mr Marco PeterDE
Mr Eben Solomon RajanNL
Mr Frank RuffinoUS
Mr Edmund SeiffertDE
Mr German I. SmelkovRU
Mr Robert ter BeekNL
Mr John ToddUS
Mrs Silvia TogniIT
Mr Rajeev VagdiaGB
Mr Uberto VercellottiIT
Mr Vadim N. VerevkinRU
Mr Stephen R. WillmoreGB
Mr John WrightGB
Mr Zhidong WuCN
Mr Biao XiaoCN
Mr Koichi YoshidaJP

Title & Task

PT 60695-2-15

Fire containment test on finished units


With regard to current work done within the Italian mirror committee to TC 89 on the matter of forced ignition at bad connections inside electrical appliances, the need of a new part in the series of Ignition tests, i.e. Hot Coil Ignition Test on end products, came into focus. Responsible WG 12 expressed significant gratitude for the information shared and stated its interest in pursuing this as a potential New Work Item, which was then approved by the Plenary. In order to further investigate on that topic, a new TC 89 Project Team shall be formed. This new PT 60695-2-15 “Hot Coil Ignition Test on end products” shall further act as supporting group for developing a new standard 60695-2-15.