SC 61J

Electrical motor-operated cleaning appliances for commercial use

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MT 3 Convenor & Members


Mr Charalambos Freed
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Mr Larry AlbertUS
Ms Michelle AndersenUS
Mr Curtis BenderUS
Mr Andreas BoschCH
Mr David ConnorUS
Mr Ismail Qadeer DarPK
Mr Steve GeorgeGB
Mr Jens GiegerichDE
Mr Mark HarrisonGB
Mr Alexej HeimannDE
Mr Preben HosbondDK
Mr Min JangKR
Mr Frederik KingDE
Mr Volker KönigDE
Mr Justin La MarUS
Mr Leonard LeteaCA
Mr Tan LuCA
Mr Ludger LüttelDE
Mr Ezm MasoudCA
Mr Jörn MazenauerCH
Mr Tim MitchellGB
Mr Tim MitchellGB
Mr Seungbin MoonKR
Mr Jonathan Peter MooreUS
Mr Benno MüllerCH
Mr Mark OrtliebUS
Mr Ulf JG PeterssonSE
Mr Frans van RasNL
Mr Steffen ReiserDE
Mr Sungsoo RhimKR
Mr Paul A. SchilkeUS
Mr Mikhail SherUS
Mr Huub VroomenNL
Mr Kenneth WillsUS

Title & Task

MT 3

Maintenance of IEC 63327


MT 3 is maintaining (in conjunction with the Secretary of SC 61J) IEC 63327 which specifies the safety requirements and their verification for the design and construction of automatic battery-operated  electrical floor treatment machines with traction drive for commercial use and their peripherals, e.g. docking stations, with the rated voltage of the battery being not more than 75 V DC charged by mains electrical. The standard deals with all significant hazards presented by battery-operated automatic floor treatment machines with traction drive for commercial use and their peripherals when they are used as intended.