TC 104

Environmental conditions, classification and methods of test

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MT 17 Convenor & Members


Mr Brian E. Tyler
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Mr Kjell AhlinSE
Mr Kay BölkeDE
Mr Yong-hoon ChoiKR
Mr Christian DindorfDE
Mr Frank ErlerDE
Mr Maurizio FrancoIT
Mr Olaf HübschmannDE
Mr Yoshio IshitaJP
Mr Chunyang JiCN
Mr Shoji KakiharaJP
Mr Christian KlingerDE
Mr Tomoya OzakiJP
Mr Benedikt PlaumannDE
Mr Patrizio QuattrocchiIT
Mr David Peter RichardsGB
Mr Dr. Sarwar SaqibPK
Mr Pasi TiuraniemiFI
Mr Nathan L WoodUS
Mr Shuhong XiangCN
Mr He XieCN
Mr Zhonggen XuCN
Mr Dehai YuCN

Title & Task

MT 17

Dynamic Conditions and tests


The proposed Terms of Reference (ToR) for IEC TC 104 MT 17:

- is responsible for the maintenance of IEC TC 104 standards regarding Dynamic Conditions and Dynamic Methods of Tests as noted in the Maintenance Schedule.

- takes into account the data and recommendations developed by WG 15 for Dynamic Conditions (preliminary information 2000-12 and final release 2002), WG 1 in its list of deficiencies, the recommendations of the Ad hoc group on Packaged Items formed in 1998 at Bergamo Italy and information deposited on the IEC TC 104 website. - coordinates the maintenance of combined condition standards (such as 60721-3 and -4), sequential and composite test methods with MT 16.

- coordinates the maintenance of specialized and urgent market need standards with MT 18.

- is responsible for the timely completion of maintenance items.

- adds to each maintained (revised, amended, or edited) IEC 60068-2-xx document an informative annex to be added to 60068-4, test summaries.