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TC 88

Wind energy generation systems

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PT 61400-101 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mr Niels Jacob Tarp-Johansen
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Mr Werner BohlenDE
Mr Dan BrakeUS
Mr C.P. Sandy ButterfieldUS
Mrs Yan ChenCN
Mrs Katherine DykesDK
Mrs Maria Galainena De CarlosIT
Mr Martijn GeertzenNL
Mr Urs GigerCH
Mr Enrique Gómez de Las Heras CarbonellES
Mr Jun HashimotoJP
Mr Per Hesselund LauritsenDK
Mr Alistair MacKinnonGB
Mr Peter Hauge MadsenDK
Mr Miguel Martínez LavínES
Mr Martin MurnaneIE
Mr Peter NachbaurAT
Mr David Nuñez MañasES
Mr Shingo OnoJP
Mr Frank OrmelDK
Mr Michael RüterDE
Mr Akihiro SuzukiJP
Mr Enrique TelmoES
Mr David VerelstDK
Mr Martin von MutiusDE
Mr Frank WeiseDE
Ms Leslie WelshCA
Mr Mike WöbbekingDE
Mr Hongyuan YANGCN
Ms Juan yeCN
Mrs Ling YuanCN

Title & Task

PT 61400-101

Wind energy generation systems - Part 101: General requirements for wind turbine plants


This part of IEC 61400 specifies the essential general requirements to ensure the safety, reliability, performance, testing and interaction with electrical power networks engineering integrity, performance and safety of wind turbine energy plant systems comprising one or more wind turbines installed on land or offshore during the full life from design to decommissioning.

This standard is concerned with design of all subsystems of wind turbine plants energy systems such as design conditions and site assessment, loads, control and protection mechanisms, internal electrical systems, mechanical systems and support structures, with test, measurements and validation as well as with manufacturing, transport and installation, operation and maintenance and finally decommissioning.

This standard is intended as the basic standard in the 61400 series and defines the methodology and system for requirements to wind energy systems.