International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 56


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WG 1 Convenor & Members


Mr Leigh D. Appleyard
Mr Mohinder S. Grover
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Mr Anton V. BaturinRU
Mr Roger ChouinardCA
Mr Dai DavisGB
Mr Richard DenningGB
Mr Ilya N. DolgopolovRU
Mr Hervé Du baret de LimeFR
Mr Richard DwightAU
Mr Hiroyuki GotoJP
Mr Fumiaki HaradaJP
Mr Jan KamenickyCZ
Mr Ko KawashimaJP
Mr Bernard KnottGB
Mr Edward KorczakPL
Mr XinXiang LiCN
Mr Valter LollDK
Mrs Irina LvovaRU
Mr Srikanth MangalamCA
Mr Akihiko MasudaJP
Mr Jaroslav MatejcekCZ
Mr Giovanni MattanaIT
Mr Fred Charles PellGB
Mr Adrian PierorazioCA
Mr Jean SchwobFR
Mr Jean-Pierre SignoretFR
Mr Joffrey SmithamGB
Mr Makoto TakeyamaJP
Mr Giorgio TurconiIT
Mr Tom Van HardeveldCA
Mr Haijun WangCN
Mr Shaohui XUCN
Ms Wenqing ZhuangCN

Title & Task

WG 1

Dependability terminology


• produces new and maintains existing terms and definitions related to dependability for inclusion in the IEV;
• advises Project Leaders on terminology for writing clear and unambiguous standards and promoting clear communications, for example in contract situations;
• ensures that the terms defined clarify any linkages to terms used in other fields, for example, quality;
• liaises with other TCs on IEC terms and definitions, as appropriate.