TC 46

Cables, wires, waveguides, RF connectors, RF and microwave passive components and accessories

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WG 6 Convenor & Members


Mr Barry G.M. Helme
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Mr Thomas BellUS
Mr Richard BoyerUS
Mr Theodore BrillhartUS
Mr Robert CameronUS
Mr George CutlerUS
Mr Lieven DecrockBE
Mr Wolfgang DlugasDE
Mr Christian EntsfellnerDE
Mr Jean-Pierre HARELFR
Mr Christian HarelDE
Mr Rick HartmanUS
Mr David C HessUS
Mr Masahiro HoribeJP
Mr Eiji KatayamaJP
Mr Timo KippoFI
Mr Nobuhiro KugaJP
Mr Karsten KuhlmannDE
Mr Yeou Song Brian LeeUS
Mr Steve LudvikUS
Mr Yuriy LyutovKZ
Mr Ryuichi MatsuokaJP
Mr John MorelliUS
Mr Bernhard MundDE
Mr Christian OrlobDE
Ms Florence Rodah OtienoUS
Mr Mohsin PeeranUS
Mr Thomas SchmidDE
Mr Bernd SieberlingDE
Ms Zhengping WuCN
Mr Haicheng YinCN

Title & Task

WG 6

Passive Intermodulation Measurement (PIM)


To prepare test methods and to investigate relevant limits, for Passive Intermodulation in the RF and microwave frequency range for passive components (i.e. connectors, cables, cable assemblies, waveguide assemblies and components...). To closely liaise with TC 102 for matters relevant to antennas and with SC 48B for connectors with respect to PIM.

To liaise with other relevant committees, subcommittees,
working groups, organizations and individuals, in order to
ensure the widest appropriate awareness of, and the greatest
relevant participation in and contribution to the work being
carried out.