International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


Internet of things and related technologies

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AG 25 Convenor & Members


Mr Antonio KUNG
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Mr Johann AmsengaLU
Mr Howard ChoeUS
Mr Jacques DurandUS
Ms Amit Elazari Bar OnIL
Mr Sherif FaresUS
Mr Arad GluskaIL
Mrs Catherine Rosemary GrantGB
Mr Dan GroisIL
Mr Supratik GuptaIN
Mr Steven HarrisonUS
Mr Asbjørn HovstøNO
Mr Sun Moo KangKR
Ms Gargi KeeniIN
Mr Yongjin KimKR
Mr Jitender KumarIN
Mr Shivakumar MahadevappaUS
Mr Ravinder Kumar MeenaIN
Mr Gregor RoschkowskiDE
Mr Masatake SakumaJP
Mr Mohan SundaramIN
Mr Mohan Krishna Varma NIN
Mr Shyam WagleLU
Mrs Mingjuan WuCN

Title & Task

AG 25

Advisory Group on IoT use cases


  • To work with external communities such as IIC and AIOTI to exchange information on use cases in their respective templates and populate each other’s templates from information provided.

  • To refine the IoT use case template (SC41N0962) particularly with respect to Annex A IoT Application Area/Context of Use.

  • To consider providing an additional section in the use case template for information on interaction with use cases compiled by other sectors such as SyC-AAL and SyC-Smart Energy.

  • To identify IoT use cases and populate the use case template (SC41N0962) with specific information on each use case, and explore how they relate to SC41's current and potential future work.

  • JTC 1/SC 41 encourages its members to contribute additional IoT use cases on the template (SC41N0962) particularly when this can support preliminary work items by helping justify the need for standardization and the scope.

  • To work with IEC to define a functioning repository for use cases and also provide information suitable for incorporation in the IoT catalogue