International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 59

Performance of household and similar electrical appliances

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WG 18 Convenor & Members


Mr Rainer Stamminger
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Mr Jonathan Simone BenattiIT
Mr Giorgio BerettaIT
Ms Luise ChristmannDE
Mrs Gundula CzyzewskiDE
Mr Thomas HilgersDE
Mr Junil HongKR
Mr Martien JanssenNL
Mr Jorgen H. KjeldgaardDK
Mr Albrecht LiskowskyDE
Mr Nicola MarchesiIT
Mr Michael MunickDE
Mr Ulrich NehringDE
Ms Milena PresuttoIT
Mr Phillip RobinsonAU
Mr Rene SaupeDE
Mr Roland SiedentopfDE
Mr Salvo StellaIT
Ms min wuCN

Title & Task

WG 18

Reliability of measurement methods


- Sub-topics: Measurement uncertainty and anti-circumvention.

• to provide guidance and harmonization in measurement uncertainty for standardization of household and similar electric appliances;

• to provide methods and tools on how to assess and express measurement uncertainty and its nomenclature and use for standards and test laboratories, based on IEC/ISO statistics;

• to promote and ease the use of the assessment of uncertainty of measurement for household and similar electric appliances;

• to provide guidance and support for a systematic consideration and prevention of circumvention in the development of standardization of household and similar electric appliances.