International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 31

Equipment for explosive atmospheres

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ahG 53 Convenor & Members


Mr Jason Alexander Wigg
Mr gang zhang
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Mr Mark R. AmosIEC/CO
Mr Donald W AnkeleUS
Mr Neil DennisAU
Mr Utz Helmut DetteCH
Mr Francesco Alessandro EspositoIT
Mr Roger D JonesGB
Mr Jeong-Il KangKR
Mr Brian KeaneCA
Mr William G. LawrenceUS
Mr Jim MunroAU
Mr Eugen SchnitziusDE
Mr Otto WalchDE
Mr Phil WinshipGB

Title & Task

ahG 53

Entry threads


To make recommendations to TC 31 and TC 31 CAG on the use of entry threads other than those currently specified in the TC 31 standards.