International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 65E

Devices and integration in enterprise systems

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WG 7 Convenor & Members


Mr Christian Diedrich
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Mr Anukoon AsawachatrojTH
Mr Dongqin FengCN
Mr Hindrik KoningNL
Mr Donald (Bob) LattimerUS
Mr Achim LaubensteinDE
Mr Feng LiuCN
Mrs Inge LunzDE
Mr Ionut NiculaeRO
Mr Dieter PröllDE
Mr Francesco RussoIT
Mr Edward L. SkabowskiUS
Mr Tetsuo TakeuchiJP
Mr Ingo WeberDE
Mr Robert WeinbergerUS
Mr Ludwig WinkelDE
Mr Graeme G. WoodGB
Mrs sufen xieCN
Mr Yu ZhangCN

Title & Task

WG 7

FB for process control, EDDL and FDI


The WG shall address the following aspects to develop the function blocks for process control and device integration:
- Architecture of a device connected to a communication network,
- Function blocks specification,
- Devices description language,
- Communication mapping onto communication networks.

The work will contribute to the architecture of automation systems together with the following generic standards:
- Generic function block language for programmable controllers from SC 65B/WG
7 (IEC 61131-3),
- Communication networks from SC 65C/MT 9 (IEC 61158 and IEC 61784-1 and
IEC 61784-2),
- Generic interface specification from SC65E/WG 8 (IEC 62541),

- Generic function block model from SC 65B/WG 15 (IEC 61499).

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Liaison Representative
Liaison C
FieldComm GroupMr Stephen Mitschke
Mr Wally Pratt
ISA SP104Mr Ludwig Winkel
PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI)Mr Ludwig Winkel