TC 100

Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment

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TA 15 Convenor & Members


Ms Veronica A. Lancaster
Mr Chan-keun Park

Title & Task

TA 15

Wireless Power Transfer


To develop international publications related to wireless power transfer (WPT) for multimedia systems and equipment, and interoperability between the WPT transmitting and the WPT receiving functions. The scope also includes as follows:

- a Framework of Standards whereby WPT common elements and WPT technology-specific elements are coordinated;

- WPT system specifications, requirements, functional architectures, interfaces and the corresponding services, management and power control protocols for device-level and system-level operations;

- methods of measurement of power consumption and energy efficiency for WPT devices, equipment and systems.

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Internal IEC Liaison
TC 108Safety of electronic equipment within the field of audio/video, information technology and communication technologyMr Jos Remy
Liaison A
ITU-R/SG 1/WP1ASpectrum engineering techniquesMr Philippe Aubineau
Mr Ock-Woo Nam
ITU-R/SG1/WP 1BSpectrum management methodologies and economic strategiesMr Philippe Aubineau
Mr Ock-Woo Nam
Liaison C
AirFuelAirFuel Alliance