Developing countries

Through the Affiliate Country Programme, which is free of charge, the IEC enables developing countries to benefit from standards and conformity assessment expertise
Affiliate Country Programme

The use of IEC Standards and the IEC Conformity Assessment Systems help developing countries ensure that products entering their market fulfill required safety and performance criteria. This makes citizens safer, promotes economic development, and facilitates access to investment. 

The IEC has put in place the Affiliate Country Programme which allows countries to participate in international standardization and conformity assessment. Through this programme they benefit from the expertise and know-how of often globally renowned experts.

The IEC Affiliate Country Programme offers developing and newly industrializing countries the possibility to adopt IEC International Standards as national standards, free of charge, and to learn about testing and certification and getting involved in the IEC CA Systems. 

Affiliates receive guidance on setting up the structures necessary for participating in IEC work. They can participate in the annual IEC General Meeting, access IEC publications, and learn from IEC experts.

Affiliate countries can receive mentorship from IEC Members with the support of the IEC Central Office. This allows them to learn how to participate in the IEC, and adopt and implement IEC Standards.

Tailored mentorship programmes are also available for IEC Member countries. 

Get involved

The IEC Affiliate Country Programme helps increase awareness, understanding and involvement in electrotechnical standardization and conformity assessment, without the financial burden of membership. Developing and newly industrializing countries are invited to explore the many advantages offered by this globally unique programme.