Public Commenting

on Draft Standards (CDVs)

Public commenting



Welcome to IEC Public Commenting

Why comment?

Not only do you get to preview Draft IEC Standards (CDVs), over a two month period and until one month before final approval, you also have the opportunity to help shape International Standards in your field.


Your comments will be reviewed by the IEC National Committee of the country you live in, which can decide to propose them as national input for the final draft of the IEC International Standard.

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About the IEC

The IEC is the world's leading organization that publishes globally relevant International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies, supports all forms of conformity assessment and administers 3rd party Conformity Assessment Systems.


We coordinate the work of thousands of experts who represent their national stakeholders in the IEC. These experts develop the many technical documents that define testing, interoperability, safety and other essential requirements which are needed by industry and support the growth, advancement of economies and global trade.


How we work

IEC International Standards represent a global consensus of state-of-the art know how and expertise. They incorporate the needs of stakeholders of all participating countries. Every member country represented through its IEC National Committee has one vote and a say in what goes into an IEC International Standard.


Work on IEC International Standards is carried out through Technical Committees and Subcommittees, composed of representatives of the Full Member National Committees, each dealing with a particular subject. These working groups are composed of people from all around the world who are experts in electrotechnology. The great majority of them come from industry, while others from commerce, government, test laboratories, research laboratories, academia and consumer groups also contribute to the work.

What is a CDV?

Before passing to the approval stage, a bilingual Committee Draft for Vote (CDV) is submitted to all National Committees for a three-month voting period. It is the last stage at which technical comments can be taken into consideration.


IEC Public Commenting is a chance to let your voice be heard before the final vote.


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