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Colour Management



IEC's definition

To be quite formal for a moment, Technical Area 2 (Colour measurement and management) of IEC Technical Committee 100 (Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment) defines colour management as "the act of dealing with colour information in production, storage, exchange and reproduction in such a successful way that faithful end-to-end colour communication is achieved in worldwide open systems." The following note is attached to this definition: "colour management will be attained by measurement of colour-related equipment and/or systems as overall input-output characteristics using agreed methods and conditions."


The following ideas should also be noted:

  • Colour management starts with original images that are produced or obtained by some means, and is concerned with the communication and reproduction of those images.
  • Colour management is attained by the unambiguous communication of colour information in open systems, in the context of a colour imaging architecture that allows for both standardized exchange and proprietary components.
  • Colour management is not concerned with the colour processing and artistic design involved in the production of original images, or with the editing or correction of images, as these activities go beyond faithful communication of colour.