International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
Making the business case


Your participation is important!


It is not always easy to show how strongly your company benefits from your participation in standardization.


This section aims to help you make your executives aware how your company’s goals on innovation, quality & safety management, lean manufacturing (lower cost, faster delivery) and customer satisfaction all directly link to standards.


In short... how your work in standardization impacts your company’s bottom line and ability to do business.

Image: The business case

The business case

If you want to get heard and ensure the funding of your standardization work, you need to talk the corporate language and build your business case. This template will help you build a concise document to demonstrate why it is important for your company to participate in this standardization activity.

TEMPLATE:   word file Business case

Image: Trip report

Get recognition for your work

Every time you come back from a standards meeting, broadcast why you went there and how your contribution relates to your company’s goals. Too many people are unaware why standardization is strategically important for their company. Write a good trip report and disseminate it widely. This will build support for your work.

TEMPLATE:   word file Trip report

Image: Formalize your job

Formalize your job

In order for standardization to work in the best interests of your company, you need to understand your company’s vision, goals, processes and products. And you need to make management understand what it is you do for the company when you participate in standardization. Document the know-how knowledge and skills that are involved in standardization and formalize your standardization job.

ADVICE:   word file Formalize your job

Brochure cover: IEC Participation

Secrets of effective participation

A pocket guide for those new to IEC work in a global environment. This brochure contains useful tips to help you participate more effectively and quickly build your learning curve.

BROCHURE: Secrets of effective participation

English - PDF file English  |  Russian - PDF file Russian

Brochure cover: IEC code of conduct for delegates and experts

IEC code of conduct for delegates and experts

Pocket guide providing brief guidelines on a number of issues which delegates and experts may be confronted with as participants in the IEC standards process.

BROCHURE:   pdf file IEC code of conduct for delegates and experts

Brochure cover: Empowering you to lead

Empowering you to lead

This brochure provides quick insights into why IEC work makes it easier for you to lead, anywhere in the world.

BROCHURE:   pdf file Empowering you to lead

Brochure cover: IEC Active Participation

Active participation in IEC work

Your strategic tool for global market access. CEOs of companies who send experts to the IEC global platform tell us that active participation in IEC work is an important part of their business strategy. It allows them to grow markets, reduce waste, duplication and cost, and increase revenue.

BROCHURE:   pdf file Active participation in IEC work

PowerPoint presentations
Presentation cover: Overview of the IEC

Overview of the IEC

This presentation provides a general overview of the IEC and the scope and impact of IEC work on global trade, energy access and development objectives.

Download: PPTX file 14.99 MB

Presentation cover: IEC organization and structure

IEC organization and structure

This presentation provides insights into how the IEC is organized, its membership structure, Conformity Assessment Systems and how companies should proceed to participate.

Download: PPTX file 6.36 MB

Presentation cover: The case for active participation in standardization

The case for active participation in standardization

This presentations explains why participation in standardization is highly strategic and belongs at board room level. It provides examples for competitive advantage that can be achieved through this approach.

Download: PPTX file 2.71 MB

Presentation cover: Development of an IEC International Standard and relevance to conformity assessment

Development of an IEC International Standard and relevance to conformity assessment

This presentation outlines the different steps and processes that lead to the development of an IEC International Standard.

Download: PPTX file 4.83 MB