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Transmitting the knowledge of high-voltage engineering
Professor Manu Haddad
Professor Manu Haddad

Professor Haddad has a distinguished career as a lecturer in high voltage engineering, power systems and electromagnetics at Cardiff University, in Wales (GB). In 2006 he set up the High Voltage Engineering Research Centre, which has been selected as one of four University Centres funded by the UK National Grid through a framework agreement for research into transmission and transient networks. The link with the National Grid has since been extended to a university-wide scheme. In 2011, he set up the Morgan-Botti Lighting laboratory, in collaboration with Airbus Group. The research centre’s work is focused on protection against lightning for aircraft and wind turbines.

Haddad has published over 300 papers in the high voltage area and a book Advances in high voltage engineering. More than 30 PhD students have completed their research programmes under his supervision. He sits on the scientific advisory boards for two large industrial projects (National Grid and SuperGrid Institute in France). He has been a member of TC 37 since 2003. Surge arresters are indispensable devices used to protect electrical equipment from over-voltage transients caused by external events such as lightning or internal switching. TC 37 notably publishes the IEC 60099 Standards, which are widely used across the electricity transmission and distribution industry and specify several performance and safety tests for a variety of different surge arresters.

In other news, Alexander Barbosa Dos Santos has been nominated Chair of IEC TC 107: Process management for avionics, until the end of September 2027. Barbosa Dos Santos has been involved in standardization for avionics for the last 12 years and is currently a senior equipment engineer at EMBRAER.

Yoshiki Kinoshita has been equally nominated as Chair of TC 56: Dependability, until the end of August 2027. Kinoshita is an ISO/IEC Joint technical committee 1 (JTC 1) expert and proposes to extend the scope of TC 56 to include the dependability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning systems, systems of systems and Internet of Things (IoT). ISO/IEC JTC 1 is the standards development environment where IEC and ISO experts come together to develop worldwide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards for business and consumer applications.

Jens Jühling has also been approved as Chair of Project Committee 128: Operation of electrical installations, until the end of February 2027.

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