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Terminology standard for the IoT
The weight of words

The first Technical Committee of the IEC is responsible for publishing and maintaining that most essential tool used by all IEC TCs when preparing standards, the Electropedia, also known as the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV).

The content of the Electropedia is also published as a set of publications in the IEC 60050 series that can be ordered separately from the IEC webstore. Before starting work on technical aspects, experts first have to agree on the terminology used in the standards, so that everyone understands the concepts referred to.

According to Luca Mari, Chair of IEC TC 1, "terminology conveys the implicit message that it only deals with terms. But it is way more than that: it is about definitions as well as terms and to agree on definitions, we need to agree on concepts and meaning in order to understand each other.”

With digital transformation affecting all our lives at a pace never even envisaged a few years ago, terminology definitions are required for new information technology standards, in forward-looking areas. Despite the Covid pandemic, TC 1 has risen to the challenge in 2020 and published a crucial tool for the digital age, a new standard on a much debated term and concept.

IEC 60050-741 defines the Internet of Things (IoT) as an infrastructure of interconnected entities, people, systems and information resources together with services which processes and reacts to information from the physical world and virtual world. This definition is to be used by all IEC TCs.

The TC has also published the third edition of IEC 60050-426 on explosive atmospheres as well as the second edition of IEC 60050-447 on measuring relays and protective equipment.

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