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New version of Online Standards Development editor released

A new version of the Online Standards Development (OSD) editor has been launched in early November with improved commenting features.

The process of drafting IEC publications involves the input of many experts from around the world who contribute at different stages in the process. Managing and resolving comments can be an arduous process given the many contributors. New commenting features are now available that will help standards developers filter and vote (agree/disagree) on comments.

Latest features

The new version enhances commenting features including:

                     Easy referencing of comments now possible

                     UTC and local time automatically applied to comments placed

                     Possibility to Agree/Disagree (via a button click) with comments

                     Improved management of comments on locked clauses

                     Improved management of tags by project leaders

                     Automatic resolution of proposed changes when accepted.

                     New comment filtering options: filter by commentor's name, date, element type (e.g. table, figure, formula)

The new version also fixes a few glitches in the tool and improves its performance.

About the OSD platform

The OSD platform, which is a joint development by IEC and ISO, provides standards developers with digital tools to streamline the process for drafting and editing international standards. These tools enhance efficiency and collaboration by allowing, for example, standards developers to work simultaneously on the same document and to easily access IEC resources.

This platform is currently being used by several technical committees whose feedback will ensure that the final platform is fit for purpose.

Learn more and get involved

Find out more about the OSD platform project.  You can also see how the tool works in a recent OSD webinar. For more information, contact to see how you can participate.

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