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New IEC methodology for smart cities concept building

Numerous definitions can be found for smart cities. Often these definitions will depend upon the perspective and the needs of the user. An engineer, for example, will provide a very different definition compared to a policy maker, a tourist or an environmentalist. Yet terminology is essential in understanding user needs and providing the necessary solutions.

In the standardization community, variations between terminology can increase the difficulty for cooperation and collaboration between organizations. For this reason, the IEC has recently published a new systems reference deliverable, IEC SRD 63235; Smart city system - Methodology for concepts building. This publication provides a methodology to evaluate the concepts used for smart cities.

The methodology recognizes that cities are complex systems and fosters a multi-dimensional system of systems view of smart cities across dimensions, domains and layers. It offers a holistic system of systems approach in order to help users define the views, methodology framework, principles, processes, rules, and evaluation criteria for smart city system concepts building.

While IEC SRD 63235 does not specify the definitions of a smart city system, it provides a methodology based on a system approach to allow for the coordination and harmonization of terminology used by other standards development organizations throughout the lifecycle of a smart city system. It also provides use cases to support the sustainable development of smart city systems, including the convergence of people, process and productivity globally.

According to Xiaomi An, Convenor for the group that developed IEC SRD 63235 “Taking a system of systems view enables for the total capability of the city to be enhanced in way that is not possible for each system to accomplish on its own. Such a coordinated approach allows for the full potential of a smart city system to be achieved. With IEC SRD 63235, we hope that standard developers can use this methodology in order to work together and build upon the same concepts necessary for a smart city system.”

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