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New IEC Affiliate Mentoring Programme agreement signed between Brazil and the Dominican Republic
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Enabling affiliate countries to learn from the experience of IEC members is one of the objectives of the IEC Affiliate Country Programme. Within the framework of the IEC Affiliate Mentoring Programme, the IEC National Committee of Brazil has agreed to mentor the National Electrotechnical Committee of the Dominican Republic. The first meeting took place on 7 December thus inaugurating the two-year agreement.

Speaking on behalf of the NEC of the Dominican Republic, Mercedes Suero Casilla notes “We are very grateful for the opportunity that IEC offers us to participate in the mentoring programme which we know will be of great help to our electrotechnical sector.”

The NC of Brazil also looks forward to participating in the mentoring programme and sharing its experiences with their partners from the Dominican Republic. According to its President, Fabián Yaksic, “Through our participation in the work of the IEC, we have developed an understanding of how public and private entities can work together and benefit from standardization and conformity assessment. We are now ready to share these experiences.”

Objectives of the programme

As part of the mentoring programme, participants indicate what specific objectives they hope to achieve. In the case of the NEC of the Dominican Republic, they include the strengthening of the NEC as well as its mirror committees, achieving greater participation and commitment from representatives of the energy sector and to sensitizing the different electrotechnical sectors on the importance of using IEC Standards.

As Suero Castilla notes, “our electrotechnical sector has, in recent years, been in a process of institutional restructuring as we develop our energy policies as well as a legal and regulatory framework that can strengthen the sector.”

Previous collaborations

This is not the first time that the two countries have collaborated.

From April 2011 to November 2016, the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology of Brazil (INMETRO) provided supported to implement a metrology and conformity assessment system in the Dominican Republic. In addition, INMETRO participated in a project that supported the creation of the Dominican Center for Information on Technical Regulation (CEDIRET).

Role of the IEC

The Director for the IEC Latin America Regional Centre (IEC-LARC), Amaury Santos, played an essential role in bringing together the representatives of Brazil and the Dominican Republic in the IEC Affiliate Mentoring Programme.

According to Santos, “The IEC Affiliate Mentoring Programme offers a unique opportunity for affiliate countries to learn from IEC members and better understand how to implement standardization and conformity assessment tools. It is a learning programme based on real-world experiences.”

Santos successfully coordinate the first bilateral meeting between the representatives from Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

Next steps

Following the first meeting, the two countries will now prepare an initial work programme that spans the next two years.

As notes Suero Castilla, “In the Dominican Republic, we recognize the progress and strength of Brazil in standardization and conformity assessment as well as the active participation by industries. We look forward to learning from them.”

For further information about the IEC Affiliate Country Programme and its mentoring programme, please contact the IEC Affiliate Secretariat

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