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IECRE to participate in Offshore & Floating Wind Europe event

The European Commission has set a target of 300 GW of offshore wind capacity to be generated by 2050. To discuss whether industry is ready to meet this ambitious target, Reuters Events is organizing a digital conference and exhibition with the participation of IECRE, the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications.

This event, set to take place on 13-14 October, will bring together more than 50 speakers and 500 attendees to look at how offshore wind can be scaled up to meet Europe’s energy transition target.

Understanding conformity assessment

Complex wind turbine systems and components must be tested for different aspects including wind speed and direction, power performance, blade design and fatigue life, impact of diverse weather conditions and more. IECRE delivers testing and certification which reassures investors, manufacturers and users of RE technologies that these are safe, secure, interoperable and function correctly wherever they are in the world.

To help participants attending the Offshore & Floating Wind Europe event understand conformity assessment and certification, Frank Ormel from Vestas Wind Systems will deliver a presentation on behalf of IECRE. In his presentation, Ormel will explain why OEMs invest in conformity assessment. He will review different certification types for offshore wind equipment as well as the certification challenges for floating wind turbines and how to reduce the risk.

More about the event

The event will bring together CXOs, directors and managers from across the offshore wind value chain for more than 25 sessions and 1,000 virtual meetings designed to address five key industry themes, namely:

  • Innovating to deliver cost reductions, with insights on implementing new technologies from manufacturing through to operations and maintenance, the benefits of consolidating floating concepts, and cost-effective solutions to reduce environmental impact.
  • Developing innovative business models to maximize the value of offshore wind assets, including best practices for product diversification, insights into expanding the potential for power-purchase agreements and lessons on how to create new revenue streams.
  • Growing supply chain capacity and capability for a rapidly expanding market, for instance by promoting competition, developing strategies for regional economic growth and employment, and overcoming transportation and port capacity challenges.
  • Scaling up infrastructure to create a dynamic power market, by creating the ability to supply power on demand across the European market, driving efficiencies with power islands and offshore grids, and redeploying oil and gas infrastructures for use in wind.
  • Realizing the potential for market growth, through local content and employment, improved commercial confidence in floating offshore wind and a greater understanding of the broader economic benefits of the sector.

The digital conference will feature live presentations, real-time discussions, in-depth question-and-answer sessions, on-demand content, a virtual exhibition space and interactive spaces for breakout sessions, workshops and more. For more information about this event, please visit

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