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IEC/ISO standards committee for artificial intelligence begins spring plenary

Over 269 registered delegates from 47 national bodies attended the IEC and ISO joint committee for artificial intelligence (SC 42) spring plenary, which kicked off on 27 April.

“Interest in our programme of work continues to be strong reflecting the importance of AI as a key enabling technology in the digital transformation,” said Wael William Diab, Chair of SC 42. “New projects such as the novel management systems standard, new series on data quality and collaboration with application focused committees complements the comprehensive portfolio of international SC 42 standards projects looking at the entire AI ecosystem.”

In addition to the usual business, SC 42 members heard from a guest speaker.

The chair of the ISO Technical Management Board (TMB) Smart Manufacturing Coordinating Committee (SMCC), Christoph Preusse, discussed the group’s work, including the interplay of the operational and IT standards.

“The collaboration of SMCC within ISO´s TCs focusing multiple views leads to a strong liaison and collaboration with IEC. This takes us together a step forward developing better standards”, concluded Preusse.

The working groups will be meeting virtually over the next two weeks with the committee’s closing plenary scheduled for 7 May.

Learn more about SC 42 and its ecosystem approach to AI standardization.

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