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IEC recognizes four experts with its Thomas Edison Award

The IEC has presented its Thomas Edison Award to four individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the IEC. Created in 2010, the Thomas Edison Award recognizes exceptional achievement, dedicated service and significant contributions to the IEC by officers in IEC technical committees and subcommittees as well as officers of the conformity assessment systems.

  • Jeroen van Dam

  • Martin Doppelbauer

  • Hideki Hayashi

  • Karl Hiereth

The awards were presented officially on 2 October during the IEC General Meeting.

Jeroen van Dam

Mr Jeroen van Dam serves as Chair of IEC TC 88, Wind energy generation systems. During his tenure as Chair, Mr van Dam has overseen the technical restructuring of many key standards as well as the developed of several new publications. He also ensured the momentum of the committee’s work programme despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr van Dam is a globally recognized expert renowned for his technical excellence and ability to achieve consensus by a large group of stakeholders. Under his leadership, Mr van Dam has maintained an excellent collaboration with the IECRE Conformity Assessment System and helped many in the wind energy industry adopt this CA system

Martin Doppelbauer

Over the past 20 years, Prof Martin Doppelbauer has demonstrated a strong commitment to international standardization work in the field of electrical machines.

Serving as Chair of IEC TC 2, Rotating machinery, Prof Doppelbauer ensures consensus and solutions that combine economic efficiency, safety and environmental compatibility. He was the driving force to introduce the efficiency classification for motors and the measurement methods used to determine their values. This methodology has been a major contribution to the design of energy efficiency electrical motors and integrated electrical motor driven systems.

Hideki Hayashi

Dr Hideki Hayashi contributes his technical expertise and management skills towards the development of standardization in electrical energy storage (EES) systems. He has served as the Secretary of IEC TC 120, EES systems, since its establishment in 2012. Standards produced by TC 120 have a significant impact on the provision of a more stable renewable electric supply and is a promising technology for achieving the UN SDGs.

As Secretary of TC 120, Dr Hayashi has contributed to the management of five working groups, two maintenance teams and two joint working groups. He has also cultivated strong relationships with relevant technical committees (TC 21, TC 8, TC 57, TC 69 and SyC Smart energy).

Karl Hiereth

Mr Karl Hiereth currently serves as Chair of IEC TC 121, Switchgear and controlgear and their assemblies for low voltage. Over the past 30 years, he has been involved in standardization activities at the national, regional and international levels and made outstanding technical contributions on topics such as energy efficiency, environmental conscious design, cyber security and product data models.

Mr Hiereth serves as the liaison for several IEC TCs as well as the Advisory Group on Energy Efficiency (ACEE). He previously served as the Chair of IEC SC 121A.

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