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IEC General Meeting officially opens in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2021-10-01 – Nearly 600 participants representing 172 countries will attend the IEC General Meeting taking place in Dubai. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, it is the first hybrid General Meeting that accommodates both a physical as well as a virtual participation. The General Meeting takes place from 3 – 7 October and is hosted by the IEC National Committee of the United Arab Emirates.

According to IEC President Shu Yinbiao, “The IEC brings together the unique know-how and expertise and knowledge of thousands of experts from around the world who can participate in the development of international standards and conformity assessment. The IEC General Meeting offers an opportunity to take stock of the past year and address some of the challenges that the IEC will need to consider in the years ahead.”

The theme of the IEC General Meeting this year is Leading industry 4.0 through standardization. Industry 4.0 is fuelled by new technologies that offer intelligence, automation and a new level of efficiency. Advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence make it possible to collect, share and analyse huge volumes of data. IEC Standards enable users to fully secure the benefits of Industry 4.0, including defining the requirements for the safety, performance and interoperability of technology.

Philippe Metzger, IEC General Secretary and CEO, notes, “The pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation, which will have a lasting impact and only those who adapt quickly and flexibly will succeed. At the IEC, we are investing in innovation to adapt our core activities to the future needs of the digital economy and society. The General Meeting is an important occasion where we will be able to take stock of the past year and address some of the challenges that the IEC will need to consider in the years ahead.”

During the 85th IEC General Meeting, the IEC Market Strategy Board will organize a conference that will examine the topic of safety in the new digital environment. Participants in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme will share their experiences on such topics as diversity and stakeholder engagement. The IEC Academy and Capacity Building Day will explore how to support stakeholders given the parameters of the ‘new normal’. This year, for the first time, the IEC General Meeting will bring together Young Professionals for a workshop that has been extended from three to five days.

President Shu concludes, “The circumstances worldwide are uncertain. We are facing environmental, health and economic challenges. I believe, however, that the IEC has an essential contribution to make in helping to address these challenges. Over the course of the next week, we will have the opportunity to delve into these issues and determine how we can lead the IEC into the future.”

Information, including registration, is available on the IEC General Meeting 2021 website.

About the IEC

The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is a global, not-for-profit membership organization that brings together 173 countries and coordinates the work of 20 000 experts globally. IEC International Standards and conformity assessment work underpins international trade in electrical and electronic goods. It facilitates electricity access, and verifies the safety, performance and interoperability of electric and electronic devices and systems, including for example consumer devices such as mobile phones or refrigerators, office and medical equipment, information technology, electricity generation, and much more.

Conformity assessment refers to any activity that determines whether a product, system, service and sometimes people fulfil the requirements and characteristics described in a standard or specification. Such requirements can include performance, safety, efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, durability, or environmental impacts such as pollution or noise. Verification is generally done through testing and/or inspection.

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