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IEC and ISO work on AI
Chair of SC 42 Wael William Diab

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SC 42 is a joint subcommittee between the IEC and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) It serves as the focus and proponent for the ISO/IEC joint technical committee (JTC 1) international standardization programme on artificial intelligence and provides guidance to JTC 1, IEC and ISO committees developing artificial intelligence applications. The SC is developing international standards for AI with the goal of accelerating responsible adoption across applications and sectors.

Enabling intelligent insights


Many of the emerging products and services in the era of digital transformation rely on the ability to provide forward-looking insights based on the large amount of data being generated. The technologies on which SC 42 is working will facilitate such innovation:

  •  AI technologies will allow insights and analytics that go far beyond what legacy analytic systems could provide in terms of efficiency, speed, and applications that have yet to be envisioned. This is a radical departure from what analytic systems have traditionally been capable of.

  • Big data technologies will streamline and, in many cases, enable analytics to be performed on massive data sets. This will be achieved by designing computer system architectures around how the data sets will be generated and used in a particular application, rather than applying the same computer system to an application regardless of what the data looks like in terms of its variety, volume, variability, and so on. (For more information on this section, read: enabling the digital transformation of industry)

SC 42 is considering some of the concerns about the usage and application of these technologies. Data quality standards for machine learning and analytics are crucial for helping to ensure the applied technologies produce useful insights and eliminate faulty features. Governance standards in AI and the business process framework for big data analytics address how the technologies can be governed and overseen from a management perspective. Concurrently developed standards from the outset in the areas of trustworthiness, ethics, and societal concerns will ensure responsible deployment.

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