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IEC and ISO artificial intelligence committee broadens standards work programme

The IEC and ISO joint committee, SC 42, which develops international standards for artificial intelligence (AI) closed its plenary on the 7th of May with over 250 delegates worldwide in attendance. In response to strong and broad interest in AI standardization, SC 42’s programme of work continues to grow having doubled its number of projects year-over-year to meet this need.

“As AI technologies fuel the digital transformation, there has never been a more relevant time for international standards development. Our programme continues to grow and dynamically react to emerging industry needs, leveraging an ecosystem approach to accelerate AI adoption whilst simultaneously addressing concerns such as trustworthiness, ethics and societal concerns”, said Wael William Diab, Chair of SC 42.

“Recently added work items to our programme include a management systems standard, a standard on quality evaluation guidelines for AI systems, a preliminary work item on AI data lifecycle framework and a standards series on AI data quality for machine learning and analytics.”

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A focus on emerging areas and new work

  • In response to contributions from SC 42 national bodies on the importance of the data lifecycle for AI, SC 42 registered a preliminary work item on Information technology – artificial intelligence – Data life cycle framework
  • A new project to work on an international technical specification, ISO/IEC TS 5471 – Quality evaluation guidelines for AI Systems, was successfully added to the work programme
  • A keynote presentation on the importance of an AI management systems standard and the novel approach that ISO/IEC 42001 is taking to address AI-specific needs and technology concerns

 Progression of work under development

  • ISO/IEC 24030, Information technology — Artificial intelligence — Use cases, was published. This is a first of its kind international technical report with a comprehensive set of over 130 AI use cases in a large variety of application domains.
  • ISO/IEC 24668, Information technology — Artificial intelligence —Process management framework for Big data analytics, set target dates for publishing in the second half of 2022.
  • ISO/IEC TR 5469, Artificial intelligence — Functional safety and AI systems, is ready for the next phase of commenting by national committees and IEC Technical Committee 65A, which covers systems aspects of industrial process measurement, control and automation.
  • ISO/IEC Technical Specification 4213, Information technology — Artificial Intelligence — Assessment of machine learning classification performance, is ready to be submitted for Draft TS ballot.

Collaboration and enabling AI applications

“Collaborating with sister committees in IEC, ISO and JTC 1 along with external organizations is key. SC 42 has established over 40 liaison relationships,” said Diab. “Ultimately AI technology will be used within applications and their domains. As an example, IEC and ISO have hundreds of technical committees which develop applications and are looking at how AI will work in their roadmaps. We are working on a guideline for AI applications that will help address that for such committees, standards development organizations and open source communities to understand how AI systems are built. This work complements the recently published report on AI use cases.”

Newly approved liaisons

SC 42 approved the establishment of a liaison with EU robotics and one with Small Business Standards.

Data security

SC 42 is reinstating its ad hoc group to provide SC 27 feedback on a number of preliminary work items related to AI and data security. SC 27 develops international standards for information security, cyber security and privacy protection.

Functional safety and AI systems

SC 42 is ready for the next phase in a project that is being done in close collaboration with IEC TC 65 / SC 65A on functional safety.

Invited keynote talks

At the SC 42 opening plenary, invited talks from ISO’s Smart Manufacturing Coordinating Committee and the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development were presented. These discussed the need for continued collaboration.

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