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First hybrid plenary for most recent IEC Project Committee
Broad principles for electric installations

Project Committees (PCs) are important contributors to IEC Standards. They are usually established by the IEC Standardization Management Board (SMB) to prepare individual standards that don’t fall within the scope of an existing TC or SC. The latest PC established by the SMB is PC 128 which plans to prepare documents containing broad and general principles concerning the operation of electrical installations. The PC is chaired by Jens Jühling from Germany and the Secretariat is held by Serge Yesso from France. The PC is holding its first ever plenary in a hybrid fashion in Paris at the end of next week, at AFNOR premises.

Among the many discussion topics for the 32 participants, of which about half will be present physically, will be the business strategy of the PC, the redefining of its scope (if required) and proposed liaisons with other TCs and organizations.

 "It is an honour for me to chair the first meeting of PC 128 together with my French colleague, Serge Yesso. I am pleased to see that there will be many participants both here at AFNOR and online. I am an electrical engineer who has worked in accident prevention insurance in Germany for more than 15 years. I am also the Secretary General of the International Section on Electricity of the International  Social Security Association (ISSA). Both are functions that are very closely related to electrical safety. So it was only natural that I should apply to become Chair of PC 128," says Jens Jühling.

"I do believe that after the IEC General Meeting, this is the first IEC hybrid meeting of a committee, so it very exciting to see so many participants both at AFNOR and far away. As an Officer from France, I am looking forward to welcoming attendees at AFNOR in Paris. I expect that this first meeting will be productive and allow us to get to know each other and that it will be a good basis for our future work," says Serge Yesso.


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