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CES kicks off virtually
Launching CES

On January 11, CES starts off and, like most events for the last ten months, is only accessible online. Less travel expenses for journos covering the show, but less income as well for the well-known event. Its challenge will be to draw attention in the same way by giving center stage to the latest technology trends.

One of the much hyped gadgets mentioned in the press around the show is transparent TV sets. The television industry has been one of the great winners of the Covid-induced confinement, with sales up everywhere, as people fork out on the best TV sets around.

Transparent and bended screens are one of this year's CES hot topics, with a well known Korean manufacturer showing its 40% transparent screens put to use in bedrooms, on the windows of underground trains and in sushi bars: you can use the screen to order a menu and then have a TV programme shown while you are waiting for your food.

IEC is preparing standards in these new development areas. One of the IEC Technical Committees, IEC TC 110, prepares standards for electronic displays, including OLED, 3D and holographic as well as flexible.

IEC TC 100 develops standards for audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment, and ISO/IEC joint Technical Committee  (JTC 1) publishes international standards for information technology. One of the JTC 1 subcommittees, SC 29 specializes in standardization for the efficient coding of digital representations of images, audio and moving pictures, and has been awarded several Emmys for its work.

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