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Affiliate Country Programme

IEC Affiliates

IEC Programme for developing countries


Leader's Messages

In his Messages, the Affiliate Leader communicates with the participants, giving his personal views on the Programme, as well as his goals during his leadership.


Messages also provide some general information about the Programme and its updates. By presenting his vision and his action plan, the Leader stimulates and encourages the Affiliate Countries to be part of the Programme in the most active way.


The Affiliate Leader also shares his personal experience with the Affiliate participants.


Leader message 11 – 2018-01

First message from Rojas Manyame

Premier message de Rojas Manyame

El nuevo Líder se dirige a los Afiliados de la IEC
Leader message 10 – 2017-12

Final message from Rosario Uría

Dernier message de Rosario Uría

Leader message 9 – 2015-09

Survey for IEC Affiliates

Enquête pour les Pays affiliés à l’IEC

Encuesta para Afiliados IEC
Leader message 8 – 2015-09

NEC new guidelines

Nouvelles lignes directrices pour les CEN

CNE nuevas guías
Leader message 7 – 2011-06

New Leader addresses IEC Affiliates

Le nouveau Leader s’adresse aux Affiliés CEI

El nuevo Líder se dirige a los Afiliados de la IEC
Leader message 6 – 2011-05

Term of Office

Fin du mandat

Fin del mandato
Leader message 5 – 2007-07

National Electrotechnical Committee (NEC)

Comité électrotechnique national (CEN)

Comité Nacional de Electrotecnia
Leader message 4 – 2006-08

New Affiliate Leader

Nouveau Leader des Affiliés

Nuevo Líder Afiliado

Leader message 3 – 2003-04

Affiliate Country Programme and Forum

Leader message 2 – 2002-07

Programme update

Leader message 1 – 2002-04

IEC Affiliate Country Forum