International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
Affiliate Country Programme

IEC Affiliates

IEC Programme for developing countries


Benefits for Affiliates

Benefits of participation in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme:

  • Access to IEC technical documents in electronic format;
  • Selection of 200 free International Standards (tailored to Affiliate's immediate needs and/or relevant domestic industries); and significant discount on any other additional standards;
  • Adoption of these 200 IEC International Standards as national standards free from any commercial consideration;
  • Attendance at meetings held during the IEC General Meeting including Council Statutory session (as observers);
  • Guidance to participate in IEC’s three Conformity Assessment Systems;
  • Assistance from IEC Central Office on how to establish a National Electrotechnical Committee and how to track technical projects of interest;
  • No participation fee.


Affiliates benefit from the IEC electronic environment


The IEC today conducts all of its day-to-day business electronically, making use of the latest information technologies available to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Participants in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme will learn how to use all IT tools developed for the IEC Members and experts.




Conformity Assessement for developing countries
Evaluation de la Conformité dans les pays en développement
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