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Introduction to IEC Technical Committee / Subcommittee

A Technical Committee (TC) or Subcommittee (SC) prepares IEC International Standards for a specific area of electrotechnology.

Technical Committees and Subcommittees are structured as follows:

  • a secretariat
  • a chairperson
  • members (experts who are nominated by National Committees)

All National Committees are free to take part in the work of any TC,

  • either actively (P-members), carrying the obligation to vote on drafts and to attend meetings; or
  • as observers (O-members), with a right to vote on Final Draft International Standards (FDIS)

Affiliates have no voting right but can contribute to standardization by submitting comments on projects through the Affiliate Secretariat.


When the electrotechnical field covered by a Technical Committee is very wide, the Technical Committee can be divided into Subcommittees (SCs), each one having its own scope and structure.


Working Groups (WGs) are part of TCs/SCs. About 700 project teams / maintenance teams carry out the standardization work of the IEC. These teams compose the WGs and bring together worldwide experts in the field of electrotechnology. Most experts come from industry, while others come from commerce, government, test laboratories, research laboratories, academia and consumer groups also contributing to the work.