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Subscribe to MyNewDocs

A personal list of documents can be set up under MyNewDocs. This will be useful to submit your comments. MyNewDocs is free of charge. We advise you to subscribe to keep in touch with IEC new work items.



How to subscribe to MyNewDocs?


1. Go to the IEC Website.


2. Select the menu "Members & Experts" and select "Tools and applications".




3. Locate the box "NewDocs" and click on "Enter".




4. Click on the "MyNewDocs SETUP" tab.
 Enter your username and password that were provided by the Affiliate Secretariat.




5. Set up your MyNewDocs.

 5.1 Setup “My Preferences”: You will receive the list of documents by e-mail, at the date range (e.g. past month)
              and the frequency (e.g. weekly) of your choice.


 5.2 Setup “My Committees”: Choose by double-clicking the Technical Committee(s) / Subcommittee(s) that your
              country has selected. This will inform you of new work items issued by your


 To see which TCs/SCs your country has selected, please consult your country dashboard.



6. Finalize your choice: by clicking on “Save Settings”, you will be able to view the list of all the documents satisfying
           your choice of STEP 5.