Affiliate Country Programme

IEC Affiliates

IEC Programme for developing countries


Download documents

At this stage, your country has selected some TCs/SCs and nominated you as an Affiliate expert. Now you have access to the working documents using your login. To download the working documents, you should proceed as follows:



How to download technical documents?


1. Go to the List of IEC Affiliate Country Programme Participant.


2. Click on your country.


3. Click the tab Selected TC/SC.


4. Choose the TC/SC you wish to download.


5. Click the tab Documents.


6. Choose the documents you are looking for (CD or CDV).


7. Download the file by clicking on the PDF format.


8. Use the login granted by the Affiliate Secretariat.



Have access to IEC Administrative Circulars


To access the IEC Administrative Circulars, the basic login is sufficient.



Read the IEC Directives


The IEC Directives provide the ultimate reference for an expert who wishes to participate in the IEC work as they define the basic procedures to be followed in the development of the IEC International Standards and other publications.

We strongly recommend that you read the Directives.