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IEC Programme for developing countries



Participation in the IEC General Meeting is open to any Affiliate representative wishing to attend the event.

The registration is only possible online (login required).


To be registered, the delegate will need a login and password to proceed to his/her registration. For more information, please go to the Login section.


The delegate will be able to participate in some technical meetings of his/her choice. For more details, please go in the Technical Meeting section.


The delegate will attend the event either as:

  • Head of Delegation, or

  • Delegate.

All Affiliate delegates are automatically registered for the:

  • Council Open Session

  • Affiliate Forum

  • Workshop for Industrializing Countries.

The Head of Delegation has the obligation to represent officially his/her country at the Council Statutory Session.





Invitation letter to the 85th IEC General Meeting




Meeting Registration System - Guide for participants

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