Affiliate Country Programme

IEC Affiliates

IEC Programme for developing countries


Technical Meetings

During the General Meeting, Affiliate delegates have the possibility to attend the technical meetings of their choice. They generally take the opportunity to observe the work of the Technical Committee(s)/Subcommittee(s) they have already selected under the terms of the Affiliate Country Programme. This is then a chance for them to meet with IEC Technical Officers and experts in order to start work on technical documents. However, if their favorite committees/subcommittees do not meet during the General Meeting, they may attend other technical meetings, thus discovering new fields of electrotechnology that they might decide to get involved in. During the meetings they have an observer status but are sometimes asked to give their opinion. In any case it is always a rich experience for all participants.


Our recommendation to fully benefit from the meetings

Do not select too many Technical Committees. It is better to choose only one or two TCs/SCs and to attend all their meetings during the week in order to better understand the documents being discussed. Downloading the documents beforehand is also strongly recommended.

To attend technical meetings held during the General Meeting, Affiliate delegates need to register through the Affiliate Secretariat. For more information please contact the Affiliate Secretariat.