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About the NEC Secretary and Chair Workshop

As a NEC (National Electrotechnical Committee) represents the electrotechnical standardization field of an IEC Affiliate country, the NEC Secretary’s role is of particular significance in effectively coordinating activities for the benefit of all its stakeholders. Recognizing the importance of this coordination, Affiliate countries with a NEC asked the Affiliate Secretariat to arrange a session during the IEC General Meeting where more time could be allocated towards exploring the dynamics of an IEC Affiliate NEC.


For the first time during the 78th IEC General Meeting, the IEC Affiliate Secretariat held the NEC Secretary and Chair Workshop, a session dedicated to discussing issues, comparing experiences and sharing best practices of Affiliate NECs from the NEC Officers’ points of view.


During the session, a small number of presentations from Affiliate NEC are given, while the main section is dedicated to the discussion and interaction between Secretaries and Chairs.


Only the Affiliate NEC Officers are invited to attend the workshop in order to keep discussion focused squarely on their roles. The IEC Member countries which participate actively in the IEC Mentoring Programme are also invited to join the session with their Affiliate mentees in order to share their experiences and provide guidelines.


Presentations made during the NEC Secretary and Chair Workshop are available in the Presentations section.


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NEC Secretary and Chair Workshop during the IEC 78th General Meeting, Tokyo, Japan